Since 2002, a reactive and experienced team


Composed by consultants and international experts recognized for their expertise in their field, the SONECOM team participates, “step by step” at your side, to the international business development of your company, from the project design to its implementation on the field.

The response for a strategic relocation for industrial enterprises facing global challenges require a multifaceted approach to offer the best optimized solution.

Our consultants capitalize extensive experience in investment project management, advising CEO or Board of Directors of Group International, Law Offices and M & A boutique.

SONECOM has also a recognized expertise in supporting National Investment Promotion Agencies or Terrotpries Promotion Agencies with aim to improve Foreign Direct Investment in the concerned countries by optimizing the performance of these public or private bodies.

SONECOM,  and its new brand ALTARYS Advisory, capitalizes significant experience in the implementation of international development strategies and has a particularly extensive experience in Turkey where it has a wide network of skills and expertise which are ready to meet the needs all the needs that companies might have during an investment project and its implementation in the country.


Major activities and services


  • Strategic advice and support for international business development projects,

  • Advice and assistance to international investment projects in Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Kazakhstan and Western Africa.

  • Optimization of existing Foreign Direct Investment flows, by improving the effectiveness of public or private bodies (Investment Promotion Agency – IPA),

  • Conception & set up of an IPA from scratch.

  • Organization and monitoring of events (Road Show, intervention conferences, …),

  • Coordination and monitoring of international relocation of companies,

  • Advice and assistance to the incorporation of company (Switzerland, Turkey, France, Belgium, Luxembourg).